Orthodontics – Dentofacial Orthopaedics  

Dr Denis PAULUS graduated as a Dental Surgeon from the Dental School of the René Descartes Faculty in 1984. After working as a general practitioner at the Polytechnique School in 1985 and 1986, he undertook the specialisation programme in Orthodontics. The degree obtained lead to an exclusive practice of Orthodontics. He started working as an Orthodontist at the Infantile Dental Prophylaxis Institute in the same year. He pursued his practice as a specialist there until 2000. Dr Paulus also opened his private practice in Paris (16th) as of 1990. This dental practice is dedicated to the orthodontic treatment of  both children and adults. Thanks to his intensive experience and training in adult Orthodontics, he started using lingual techniques as early as 1990. Renown Professors such as Dr Gorman, Dr Smith and Dr Wiechmann were his mentors in the context of the development of the INCOGNITO technique. Dr Paulus' practice prompted him to deploy a multidisciplinary approach with a good knowledge of the protocols associated with Maxillofacial surgery.


Having both Swiss and French nationalities, Dr Denis Paulus came back to the canton of Vaud in order to continue his professional activity as well as recover his family ties.


His main hobbies are outdoor activities such as trekking, mountain climbing and skiing, and music: Denis is a fine musician and plays several instruments.

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